Archiving personnel documents

According to the Swedish Accounting Act (Bokföringslagen), a company’s salary details must be archived for at least seven years after the calendar year in which the fiscal year ended. However, since a salary claim is time-barred after ten years, salary data should be saved until the limitation period has expired. This includes all salary data, time reports, travel bills and salary specifications.

It is the business and its signatories who are responsible for archiving personnel documents in line with the requirements stipulated by the Swedish Accounting Act and who are responsible for the management of its staff for a period of 10 years after they have left.

Employment contracts, application documents, employer certificates, work environment, work permits, union affiliation, parental leave, collective agreements, MBL protocols, medical certificates, salary information, closest relatives, holiday lists, service certificates, diplomas and excerpts from tax records. The list of staff documents generated in a business is long.

Depona are specialists in physical archiving of personnel documents. We have been one of the leading companies offering archiving services and solutions in the Nordics since 1999.

We can help you archive your personnel documents in a qualitative and cost-effective manner. Thanks to our unique web-based and user-friendly archive system Visual Archive®, which contains images on the material, you get full control, overview and access to your archives. An order for archive material is normally handled within a few hours.

Physical personnel documents are often requested to be moved to a digital platform, something that we can help you out with. You can find more detailed information on the pages describing our different digital services.