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Archiving solutions to visualize your information.

All activities produce information that needs to be saved. Depona are specialists in archives management. We offer services from advice and management of a few archive boxes to taking over and operating extensive archives. Our web-based solution Visual Archive makes it easy to maintain your information in the future.


The paperless archives

e-Archive is a digital archive solution that transforms your physical archives to digital ones and zeros. All stored in the cloud. You upload your data and we take it safely from there. Since all documentation is compliant with GDPR regulations, e-Archive is a solution that can help fulfill your organizations GDPR strategy.


Depona bridge the border between analogue and digital.

When you have a mix of digital and physical information that you need for your business, Depona helps you compile and present the information.


With Depona your archiving is as it always should have been.

In its basic form, we help you pack and transport the material and it is then registered in our web-based archive system Visual Archive®, which with its unique functionality with images and user-friendly formats makes your archiving a delight.


About Depona

Depona in Sweden

Our 7 archives allow you to avoid unnecessary transportation by archiving in your vicinity or your region.

Safe, secure, efficient, innovative and affordable. That’s why Depona is growing.

All the electricity we use comes from hydroelectric or wind power.

Depona in the Nordic region

Our 7 archives allow you to avoid unnecessary transportation by archiving in your vicinity or your region.

Depona’s mission is to offer companies, organizations and public authorities a remote physical archive service of the highest quality and with the highest level of service at an attractive price.

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29Jun, 2016

Increased digitization capacity

During the spring, Depona has expanded its capacity for digitization with both hardware and software. We are pleased to announce that Depona now has additional capacity for existing and future assignments! [...]

23Mar, 2016

Easter privacy box offer!

As an Easter greeting we are offering half price on all orders for our popular privacy boxes executed before the first of April! Now that spring is almost here and the sun is lighting up our offices, it's nice to clean u [...]

1Feb, 2016

Expanded On-Site services

Depona is expanding its On-Site digitization services. When you want to scan documents you use daily, the best solution may be for Depona to come to you. Activity-based offices are a clear example where a digital approac [...]

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