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Visual Archive – SaaS2024-05-06T12:05:14+02:00

Visual Archive – our own SaaS

Visual Archive is our web-based system for archive management that seamlessly provides you access to both your physical documents and digital files.

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    Proven and cost-effective solution specifically developed for archive management.

    Implementing a cost-effective solution for archive management is essential for streamlining document handling. This tailored solution reduces time and resource usage by applying proven methods for robust and reliable archiving systems. It minimizes data loss risk and ensures easily accessible information while supporting cost-effectiveness and compliance with data protection regulations, thereby enhancing the organization of the business and strengthening its market reputation.

    Continuous development

    Continuous improvement is the key to successful archive management, where customizable and scalable solutions are crucial to keeping pace with technological advancements and future needs. The process involves regular updates, focusing on user feedback, technological advancements, and legal changes, to anticipate and adapt to new trends in data protection and cybersecurity. An archive solution that prioritizes continuous development ensures access to the latest innovations, enhances security and efficiency, and strengthens the trust of customers and stakeholders through a serious approach to data security and resource management.

    Automatic updates

    Automatic updates are crucial for modern archive management, keeping the system up-to-date with technological advancements, regulations, and security requirements. These updates enable continuous improvements and innovations without disruptions, enhancing usability, security, and efficiency while minimizing manual monitoring and vulnerabilities in data security. Automatic updates offer a cost-effective solution by reducing the need for manual upgrades and support, ensuring that the system continuously evolves to meet current and future challenges.

    Easy to get started and use

    In the rapidly changing business world, user-friendly and easily implementable tools and systems are essential, especially for archive management and document management.

    Simplified onboarding2024-04-22T13:57:29+02:00

    One of the greatest benefits of such a solution is that it minimizes the time and resources required to get the system up and running. An intuitive setup and configuration mean that even those who are not technically proficient can quickly start using the tool. This reduces the need for extensive training and technical support, directly impacting how quickly a company can benefit from its investment.

    User-friendly interface2024-04-22T13:52:56+02:00

    A user-friendly interface is central to this simplicity. By providing a clean, logical, and easily understandable layout, users can navigate the system efficiently, finding the features and information they need without frustration or confusion. This is especially important in environments where time is a critical factor and where users’ focus should be on tasks rather than struggling with complicated software.

    Availability and flexibility2024-04-22T13:51:30+02:00

    Accessibility is another key factor. Systems that are easy to get started with and use are often designed to be accessible from various devices, including smartphones and tablets, enabling work on the go. This flexibility is crucial for supporting modern workflows and can dramatically increase productivity and collaboration within a team or between departments.

    Minimal maintenance2024-04-22T13:50:08+02:00

    These solutions typically require less maintenance, further reducing the total cost of ownership. Automatic updates and cloud-based services ensure that the system is always up-to-date with the latest features and security measures without requiring manual intervention from the user.

    Quicker Return on Investment2024-04-22T13:48:35+02:00

    By minimizing the learning curve and facilitating rapid implementation, you can achieve a faster return on investment. Employees can spend less time managing documents and more time on value-added activities, directly contributing to the company’s bottom line.

    User interface and administrative tools that meet the traceability requirements of Swedish authorities

    Meeting the traceability requirements of Swedish authorities requires logging all system actions with user and timestamp to ensure proper information management and document changes. This strengthens transparency and trust and aids in the investigation of security incidents. For organizations subject to strict regulations, such as those in the public sector and finance and healthcare industries, it’s crucial that user interfaces and tools comply with GDPR requirements. Solutions that combine user-friendliness with strict traceability and powerful tools support efficient and compliant information management, which is essential for sustainable information governance.

    Scalable and secure storage on our own servers in Sweden

    Local storage of information on servers in Sweden offers advantages in security, data integrity, and compliance with local laws, with strict Swedish jurisdiction providing protection against less favorable international data protection laws. A scalable and customizable archive solution is vital for companies aiming for sustainable and flexible document management, enabling growth without infrastructure limitations in an ever-changing business environment.

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    Common questions about Visual Archive and SaaS

    What are the advantages of retaining data within the country’s borders and on the company’s own servers?2024-04-22T13:46:06+02:00

    By doing this, control over the information is maximized, allowing the company to implement specific security measures and protocols to reduce the risk of data breaches and leaks.

    Why does local data storage facilitate compliance with data protection laws like GDPR?2024-04-22T13:44:20+02:00

    By storing data locally, companies can ensure that they handle personal information in accordance with local legislation, thereby facilitating compliance with laws and regulations like GDPR.

    What are the benefits of local storage on own servers in terms of performance and data access?2024-04-19T17:05:38+02:00

    Local storage on own servers can lead to improved performance and faster data access for users within the country, which is particularly important for businesses that require high availability and quick response times in their operations.

    Why is customer trust so important for businesses regarding data protection and data storage?2024-04-19T16:46:12+02:00

    Customer trust is invaluable in today’s competitive market as it can lead to increased loyalty and confidence from customers. Customers are more likely to trust companies that take responsibility for their data by securely storing it locally.

    Why is scalability important for future growth?2024-04-19T16:43:41+02:00

    A scalable solution enables easy expansion of storage capacity and processing power to handle increasing data volumes and user counts, which is crucial for growing businesses or those experiencing seasonal peaks in data usage. Scalability ensures that the system can handle these changes efficiently, without costly and time-consuming upgrades.

    How does flexibility contribute to meeting changing needs?2024-04-19T16:41:54+02:00

    The flexibility to adapt the system to changing requirements includes the ability to add new features, integrate with other systems, or modify workflows to better support the company’s processes, enabling quick responses to market demands and regulatory changes.

    Is Visual Archive SaaS easy to use and administer?2024-04-19T16:38:51+02:00

    Yes, the archive system is designed with user-friendly administrative interfaces and automation support to make it easy to use and administer. This reduces the need for technical expertise and enables quicker adjustments, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

    How can a scalable and flexible solution be cost-effective?2024-04-19T16:22:28+02:00

    By only paying for the capacity and features that are actually used, companies avoid unnecessary expenses. Additionally, the risk of downtime or performance issues, which can have economic consequences, is minimized.

    Is Visual Archive SaaS future-proof?2024-04-19T16:20:25+02:00

    Yes, the system is future-proofed as it’s designed to be scalable and easily customizable. It enables the company to continue evolving and improving over time, even as needs change.

    What does ISO 9001 certification mean for Depona and their customers?2024-04-23T10:31:21+02:00

    The ISO 9001 certification is evidence of Depona’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement. By adhering to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, Depona demonstrates that they operate according to a structured quality management model. This means they aim to meet and exceed customer expectations by continuously improving their processes and services. For customers, this translates to increased reliability and confidence in Depona’s products and services.

    How does ISO 14001 certification contribute to the company’s environmental responsibility and sustainability efforts?2024-04-23T10:31:17+02:00

    The ISO 14001 certification confirms the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability. By implementing an effective environmental management system, the company can minimize its operational impact on the environment by continuously improving and reducing waste, energy consumption, and emissions. Being ISO 14001 certified demonstrates the company’s commitment to conducting its operations in a sustainable manner and taking responsibility for the environment.

    What does the ISO 27001 certification entail for the handling of sensitive information and data?2024-04-23T10:30:18+02:00

    The ISO 27001 certification is a strong testament to the focus on information security and protection of sensitive data. By being certified according to ISO 27001, the company demonstrates that it has implemented comprehensive security controls and management systems to prevent, detect, and manage security threats. This provides customers with confidence that their information is handled with the highest security standards possible and is protected against unauthorized access, alteration, or loss. The ISO 27001 certification is an important step in ensuring that the company meets high requirements for information security and provides its customers with the security they need.

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