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Archiving as it always should be

Welcome to Depona! Our business idea is to offer companies, organizations, governmental agencies, and municipalities the market’s best physical and digital archival services.

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    Depona’s vision

    Our vision is to continuously renew the Swedish archival market with innovative, user-friendly, and customized archival solutions that are service-oriented, flexible, and, above all, cost-effective.

    We are one of the leading companies in the Nordic region specialized in archiving and archival services. We manage archives for companies, organizations, government, municipalities, and county councils. Today, we have over 4,000 customers.

    Depona AB is the parent company in a document management group that includes companies such as Arkivservice Svenskt Arkiv AB, Infoscandic AB, and ABM Produkter AB. The Depona group has approximately 240 full-time employees and had a turnover of approximately 275 million SEK in 2022.

    Archiving as it always should be

    We assist our customers in preserving their information, both analog and digital, for the future, and therefore, we care deeply about our collective future. All electricity to our facilities comes from renewable wind and hydro power sources. We allocate funds to an environmentally beneficial foundation for climate compensation and provide annual contributions to both Doctors Without Borders and SOS Children’s Villages.

    We aim to be your first choice for archival services by offering archiving as it should always be. Let us show you why.

    Here are some facts about us

    • Depona is quality certified according to the ISO 9001 standard and for environmental management according to ISO 14001, as well as for information security – ISO 27001!
    • Depona offers nationwide archival services with archive centers from Malmö in the south, via Gothenburg, Katrineholm, Stockholm North and Stockholm South to Vilhelmina in the north.
    • Depona has continuously held the highest credit rating, AAA, from the credit reporting agency Soliditet for 15 years.
    • Depona is owned by the Swedish founders.

    Common questions about Depona

    What does ISO 9001 certification mean for Depona and their customers?2024-04-23T10:31:21+02:00

    The ISO 9001 certification is evidence of Depona’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement. By adhering to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, Depona demonstrates that they operate according to a structured quality management model. This means they aim to meet and exceed customer expectations by continuously improving their processes and services. For customers, this translates to increased reliability and confidence in Depona’s products and services.

    How does ISO 14001 certification contribute to the company’s environmental responsibility and sustainability efforts?2024-04-23T10:31:17+02:00

    The ISO 14001 certification confirms the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability. By implementing an effective environmental management system, the company can minimize its operational impact on the environment by continuously improving and reducing waste, energy consumption, and emissions. Being ISO 14001 certified demonstrates the company’s commitment to conducting its operations in a sustainable manner and taking responsibility for the environment.

    What does the ISO 27001 certification entail for the handling of sensitive information and data?2024-04-23T10:30:18+02:00

    The ISO 27001 certification is a strong testament to the focus on information security and protection of sensitive data. By being certified according to ISO 27001, the company demonstrates that it has implemented comprehensive security controls and management systems to prevent, detect, and manage security threats. This provides customers with confidence that their information is handled with the highest security standards possible and is protected against unauthorized access, alteration, or loss. The ISO 27001 certification is an important step in ensuring that the company meets high requirements for information security and provides its customers with the security they need.

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