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Depona’s mission is to offer companies, organizations and public authorities a remote physical archive service of the highest quality and with the highest level of service at an attractive price.

Depona AB is the parent company of a document management group, which comprises the subsidiaries:

Arkivservice Svenskt Arkiv AB, Svenskt Dataarkiv AB, Infoscandic AB and ABM Produkter AB.

The group also includes wholly owned subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Latvia.

The Depona group will turn over about SEK 160 million in 2016.

The company has a staff of about 130.

Depona provides you with a customer-adapted archiving and document management service of the highest possible measurable quality, based on the management of all types of documentation and drawings.

We use the latest technology and innovative customer-adapted solutions in our records management to ensure and facilitate archiving and retrieval.

Depona has a business area, document management, and a focus:

At a competitive price deliver the best (service, quality, technology) archive and document management service on the market. The company’s services comprise archiving and conversion to digital formats of any kind of media carrier, such as paper documents, drawings, maps, microfilm and microfiche, x-ray film, various digital media and digital archiving.

Depona stands on a solid foundation since the company in addition to its many and well-known customers is financially very strong.

Depona has had the highest credit rating, Triple A (AAA), with business and credit information provider Soliditet for seven years.

Depona is quality-certified according to the ISO 9001 standard and certified according to ISO 14001 for environmental management.

Depona has customers from all types of industry and their size ranges from the largest international corporations to small businesses.

We also manages very large volumes of archives for government agencies, state-owned companies, municipalities, county councils and hospitals. The total number of customers is in excess of 4,000.

Since 2006, Depona has been one of the the largest company in the Nordic region specializing in archiving and archive services.

Depona is owned by Svenska Standarbolag AB and its management team.

Depona offers a nationwide archive service through our archive centres in the following locations:

Vilhelmina, Falun, Stockholm (Sodertalje), Katrineholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

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Depona in other countries





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