An archive centre in Vilhelmina with a low profile.

Vilhelmina is the archive for northern Sweden and a number of national organizations that have extensive, specific and demanding archiving needs.


Document management of the future in Vilhelmina

The archive is very large and search and retrieve operations are extensive.

Just like Depona’s other archives, Vilhelmina has a logistics function and reception for small and medium-size customers but what makes the facility unique is our suitability for big, long-term projects requiring large capacity and the building-up of leading-edge competence regarding you in particular.

Archive consultant Vilhelmina

Find an archive consultant for your company, organization in Vilhelmina. An opportunity to acquire an experienced and trained archivist who can help you with your physical and digital archives on site.

Archive in Vilhelmina, Norrland

Street address:
Sälggatan 1
912 32 Vilhelmina
Phone: +46 940-154 33
E-mail: [email protected]