To archive digital zeros and ones in an easily accessible and secure way

A business generates many different types of paper and digital documents. Accounting, invoices, payrolls, patient records and personnel documents to name a few. Depending on the information in all these different documents, they are subject to different laws and regulations such as the Swedish Accounting Act (Bokföringslagen), GDPR et cetera. These determine if, how and how long the document must be archived and saved. In addition, there are different requirements stipulating how accessible the documents should be after that they are archived.

It can be complicated and difficult to determine if and how long different documents must be archived. Not to mention to thereafter archive this mix of paper and data files in the correct way with only in-house resources. Something that can be both time-consuming and costly. The solution for many is a digital transformation of their archives where all documents that need to be archived for the future are moved to a uniform digital format. Depona can help you bridge this boundary between analog and digital.

We offer technical scanning of documents, drawings, maps, technical documentation, books, picture cards, microfilm, microfiche and photographs. Yes, the list is long.

When the transformation from analog to digital is complete, we offer Depona e-Archive. e-Archive is a professional and cloud-based digital archive solution. Your digital archive in the cloud giving you full control, overview and access to your archives. It is also a solution that helps you fulfill your organization’s GDPR strategy.

At Depona, archiving of digital documents is how it always should have been.

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