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Rent archive space2024-05-06T11:03:15+02:00

Archive repository for the public sector

With flexible archive services and a focus on sustainability, Depona offers secure storage for valuable documentation. With our unique Visual Archive® system and fixed annual cost, you can effectively preserve your organization’s history.

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    Archive management that combines tradition with innovation.

    Depona protects and enriches the historical data of municipalities and authorities with care and expertise. With over 5,000 companies, municipalities, and authorities in our client base, we know that every industry carries unique stories worthy of preservation.

    Customized archive services with flexible terms

    Depona offers reliable and sustainable document storage in archive repositories that meet the requirements of the National Archives, with a fixed annual cost and no unexpected maintenance fees. Our unique setup allows for optional geographical placement outside of the Procurement Act (LOU), with a stable storage guarantee.

    We tailor our services to your needs, offer flexible rental terms, and streamline archive management with our Visual Archive® system, from packing to retrieval, to maximize archive potential.

    Here’s why you should rent archive space from Depona

    • Fixed annual cost, no maintenance fees
    • A long-term sustainable option
    • Property leasing is not covered by LOU
    • The archive creator chooses the geographical location of the archive without the risk of the archive needing to be moved within 5 years

    Visual Archive® – an archive system that gives you full control

    You can order

    • material and disposal
    • empty archive boxes
    • pick-up


    • adding and removing users
    • assigning permissions


    • suggestions for improvements
    • error reports

    Common questions about municipal archives

    Which authorities are covered by the Archive Act?2024-04-23T09:42:51+02:00

    All state and municipal authorities and bodies are covered by the Archive Act. There are some specific provisions for state authorities that must also be followed by municipal bodies. According to the Archive Act, the archives of authorities should be organized and cared for in a way that meets the right to access public documents, the need for information for judicial and administrative purposes, and the needs of research.

    Who decides on archives in the municipality?2024-04-23T09:44:10+02:00

    All public activities in Sweden, both state and municipal, must archive according to the provisions of the Archive Act and the Archive Regulation. It is the municipal archivist who ensures that the rules are followed and that the archiving is carried out in a manner that achieves the purpose of the law.

    How many municipalities have e-archives?2024-04-23T10:13:22+02:00

    All municipalities in Sweden are obligated to archive documents that are produced or received and to follow the provisions of the Archive Act. There is no information available on how many municipalities have e-archives, but it is likely that more and more municipalities will choose various digital solutions for parts of their archives.

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