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Archiving – Digital and physical for the future

Accounting, invoices, payroll records, patient records, or personnel documents. Documents, digital files, images, videos, and drawings. Laws, regulations, and GDPR. We have the archival solutions that help you efficiently and securely preserve your information for the future!

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Digitization with Depona

Visual Archive is our unique web-based SaaS archival management system. A solution that offers many possibilities and benefits regardless of the type of archive you have today or want to have in the future.

For the physical archive, Visual Archive offers a step towards digitization with the possibility to have full control, overview, and quick access to your archival material. Together with our digital archival service e-Archive, Visual Archive offers a complete digital archival solution with secure file storage in Sweden.

Archival solutions for all businesses

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The smaller company

www.deponavisualarchive.se is a web-based subscription service in the cloud with intuitive do-it-yourself file upload and access.

For physical archiving, Depona offers archive centers in seven locations. A solution that can be combined with Visual Archive for more efficient access to information.

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The larger company

e-Archive is a digital archival service integrated with Visual Archive.

For physical archiving, Depona offers archive centers in seven locations. A solution that can be combined with Visual Archive for more efficient access to information.

An Archive Consultant can help on-site to organize the company’s digital and physical archives.

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Municipalities and authorities

RA-FS 2013:4-classified archive depots where municipalities and authorities rent a physical archive space.

A customized archival solution that meets all the security and service requirements set by municipalities and authorities in accordance with the Archives Act and Archive Ordinance.

Optimize your archiving with Depona and Visual Archive!

User interfaces and administrative tools that meet the traceability requirements set by Swedish authorities2024-04-23T09:11:08+02:00

Meeting the traceability requirements of Swedish authorities entails logging every activity performed within the archive system, allowing them to be traced back to a specific user and timestamp. To meet these requirements, it’s crucial that the user interface and administrative tools fully support compliance with these demands. Our archive solutions do just that.

Easy to get started and use2024-04-23T09:26:46+02:00

Getting started and using our archive solutions is straightforward. We offer an efficient onboarding process that is easy to follow and implement. Users can quickly get started from their various devices, and thanks to a logical and intuitive user interface, your new archive solution can start delivering value from day one.

Automatic updates2024-04-23T09:28:11+02:00

Automatic updates ensure that your archive solution from Depona is always optimized and secure in an efficient manner. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and expertise-demanding manual updates that can cause disruptions in daily operations or require technical support.

A proven and cost-effective solution developed specifically for archive management2024-04-23T09:37:57+02:00

Tested and proven solutions and applications mean you can rely on your Depona archive solution to be robust and stable. Being specifically developed for archive management ensures it is effective and compliant with current data protection laws and other regulations.

Depona is quality certified according to ISO 9001 standards, for environmental management according to ISO 14001, and for information security according to ISO 27001.2024-04-23T10:28:16+02:00

Working with Depona should feel secure. Therefore, we have chosen to certify ourselves according to some of the most respected international standards in quality, environmental consideration, and information security. This is evidence of our commitment to transparently assure you that we handle your records responsibly and securely.

Learn more about the ISO 9001 standard

Learn more about environmental management according to ISO 14001

Learn more about information security according to ISO 27001

Scalable and easy to adapt to changing needs over time.2024-04-23T10:29:16+02:00

Businesses and organizations grow, shrink, and evolve. Therefore, it’s crucial that the archival solution is flexible and can be tailored to these changing demands and circumstances. Our solutions are scalable and easy to customize, making them future-proof. And achieving this doesn’t require extensive technical expertise.

All information is stored on our own servers in Sweden2024-04-23T09:09:05+02:00

For businesses and organizations prioritizing security and control, data integrity, swift access, and compliance with local laws and regulations, it is advantageous for all archived information to be stored on servers in Sweden. Servers subject to Swedish legislation offer a safer technical and legal protection.

Continuous development2024-04-23T09:29:41+02:00

Your archive solution with Depona is future-proofed because we continuously invest in the development of our solutions and product offerings. This process is based on input and requirements from our users, technological innovations, and developments in cybersecurity and legislation.

Therefore, Depona

Depona’s mission is to offer companies, organizations and public authorities a remote physical archive service of the highest quality and with the highest level of service at an attractive price.

Archive Solutions with a Visual Advantage

Depona is never far away

Depona i Norden

Depona in the Nordics

Depona can be found in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Latvia.

Depona in Sweden

Nationwide archive services with archive centers from Malmö in the south, via Gothenburg, Katrineholm and Stockholm to Vilhelmina in the north.

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Våra arkiv drivs av grön el

E, S, and G at Depona

At Depona, we take our ESG work very seriously, and this especially applies to G, which stands for “Governance.” Our archival services ensure systematic management, preservation, and accessibility of archival material. Effective governance guarantees data integrity and protection in compliance with laws and regulations, promoting reliable information management.

BV Certification ISO9001 ISO14001
BV Certification ISO27001

Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

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