From analogue to digital

Depona offers archiving services and solutions that takes your information into the future.

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Archiving of every type of document

Archive solutions for analog documents. From accounting, book-keeping and invoices to salary data, patient journals or personnel documents, all archived in line with regulating legislation.


Digitization of your archives no matter their original format or media.

Solutions that digitize archives that currently or stored on paper, film or other digital media. We help you bridge the boundary between analog and digital. We do so by moving your archives to a uniform digital format based on zeros and ones.


The paperless archive

e-Archive is a digital archive solution that transforms your physical archives to zeros and ones in the cloud. You upload your information and safely leave the rest to us. Thanks to all documentation being in alignment with the requirements stipulated by GDPR, e-Archive can be a step along the way of fulfilling your organizations GDPR strategy.


There are no technical documents that we can’t scan

Blueprints, maps, technical documentation, books, picture cards, microfilm, microfiche, photographs, negatives, x-ray film and so much more. When digitizing technical archives we have pretty much experience of scanning almost anything.


About Depona

Depona in Sweden

Depona in Sweden

Archive services and solutions all around Sweden from Malmö in the south, via Gothenburg, Katrineholm and Stockholm to Vilhelmina in the north.

Depona in the Nordic region

Depona in the Nordic region

Across the Nordics. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Latvia.

Why our customers choose Depona

Safe, secure, efficient, innovative and relevant. That’s why Depona is growing!

Our archives are powered by green electricity

All the electricity we use comes from sustainable sources such as wind and water.

Depona’s mission is to offer companies, organizations and public authorities a remote physical archive service of the highest quality and with the highest level of service at an attractive price.

Archive Solutions with a Visual Advantage

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