A document archive in the cloud. When you want everything in order.

e-Archive is a professional digital archive solution in the cloud. If you are looking for a solution where you easily can upload your information and safely leave the rest to us then this is the solution for you. You can upload your data to your e-Archive from anywhere. At any time.

Depona offers a wide range of built-in functionality to the solution including availability (server uptime), reliability and accessibility, insurances and the possibility to assure documents and data. User interface and administration tools are in compliance with the traceability requirements stipulated by Swedish authorities.

All data is stored on our own servers and storage units and everything is managed using our own software solutions. Information regarding where the servers physically are located and how back-ups are conducted are accounted for as part of the service offering. Uploaded documents cannot be edited or distorted when stored in the e-Archive. All documents are locked which guarantees their authenticity.

e-Archive is a digital archive solution that, in addition, is integrated with other Depona solutions such as Visual Archive Office®. Since all documentation is compliant with GDPR requirements, e-Archive is a solution that can help fulfill your organizations GDPR strategy.

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