Archiving physical and digital documents is our specialty.

Regardless of the reasons you need to save your information and data, it is of the absolute importance to minimize the risk of damage, to ensure a high level of security and that all approved personnel have immediate and easy access to the material. And that this material is delivered in accordance with requirements, physically or digitally.

In-house archive solutions that are adequately organized and secure require financial resources, dedicated storing facilities and many man hours to uphold. Depona is specialized in archive management and has for the past 35 years managed the archives for a growing number of businesses.

Our experience shows that the main objective of any type of archive is to minimize the risk of unexpected incidents. This can only be obtained by implementing a structured and appropriate archive solution that does not require special customer user knowledge and is as easy accessible and user friendly as possible. When you experience that your archives are an asset to your company and are secure, that is when you have succeeded!