Archiving accounting documents

Free yourself from your paper archives and release the space, time and financial resources affiliated with them.

According to the Swedish Accounting Act, a company’s accounting must be archived. For how long depends on for instance the minimum period stipulated by the Swedish Accounting Law but also the applicable limitation period.

The regulatory need for archiving accounting includes all receipts, documentation and background information related to the company’s accounting and book-keeping. It is the business and its signatories who are responsible for ensuring that the businesses accounting information is archived in accordance with the requirements of the Swedish Accounting Act.

The accounting information must be stored in a secure and clear manner and be easily accessible. Auditors and authorities should be able to access the information without difficulty. In many cases, this can be facilitated if the company establishes an archive plan. This contains information about what has been archived and where it is stored. In addition, the company needs to keep equipment and systems up to date throughout the archiving period in order to make the accounting information available. The storage must be in Sweden.

Many requirements and a lot to keep track of for companies that have other things to focus on. Filing your accounts in a structured and secure manner on your own is both time-consuming and costly.

When you let Depona take care of your physical accounting archives you get in practice a digital paperless archive process and environment. A solution that offers you full control, overview and access to your archives that does not require any monitoring. An order for archive material is normally handled within a few hours. Our cost-efficient physical archives all around Sweden from Malmö in the south to Vilhelmina in the north help you cut costs and free up office space.

Depona are specialists in physical filing of bookkeeping and accounting. For the past 20 years, we have been one of the leading companies in the Nordic countries to help over 5,000 companies, government agencies, state-owned companies, municipalities, county councils and hospitals with their archiving.