All these documents on paper – to save or not save, that is the question

A business generates many different types of documents on paper. Accounting, invoices, payrolls, patient records and personnel documents to name a few. Depending on the information in all these different documents, they are subject to different laws and regulations such as the Swedish Accounting Act (Bokföringslagen), GDPR et cetera. These determine if, how and how long the document must be archived and saved. In addition, there are different requirements stipulating how accessible the documents should be after that they are archived.

It can be complicated and difficult to determine if and how long different documents must be archived. Not to mention to thereafter archive this mix of paper and data files in the correct way with only in-house resources. Something that can be both time-consuming and costly.

Depona offers all the archive solutions you need to facilitate your archive process of analog documents printed on paper. This is regardless of whether it concerns a company, an organization, a government agency, a municipality or a county council. We can help you archive your documents in a qualitative and cost-effective manner, fully in line with regulatory requirements.

At the heart of our offering is our physical archives all around Sweden from Malmö in the south to Vilhelmina in the north and our unique web-based and user-friendly archive management system Visual Archive®. This offers you full control, overview and access to your archives. An order for archive material is normally handled within a few hours. We provide services when documents are to be destroyed and issue destruction certificates. A complete archive solution from A to Z.

At Depona, archiving of analog documents is how it always should have been.

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