On-site scanning

Depona offers qualified resources for on-site scanning of documents that for security reasons are not allowed to leave the company premises. A service developed for businesses and organizations with classified information such as law firms, banks, and government municipalities.

Depona on-site scanning is a step on the way in the digitalization process of a business’s or organization’s physical archives. The difference is that the scanning is conducted by representatives from Depona working on-site from your office location.

The assignments engage a minimum of two persons (additional resources are allocated depending upon the size of the assignment). The Depona representatives bring all needed equipment for the assignment such as computers, scanners but also a portable local area network. The latter is essential to conduct the work in line with your and our own stipulated security requirements. After the completion of the assignment all scanned and digitalized information is presented to you on a hard drive. All in line with pre-agreed conditions and requirements

Depona on-site scanning not only offers an effective and secure way to scan sensitive information, it also increases the quality of the end-product. Our classified personnel have extensive experience of scanning, access to the right equipment and are educated to handle different archive systems and solutions. In short, they have all the tools to work efficiently in a secure manner with sensitive information to get the job well done.